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Jody Riddle

Was born on May 16, 1955 in Kentucky to James Edward Nivin and Ann Marie Nivin. Raised in Tell City, IN and Louisville, KY. Was very active as a child, Dance and Music,: Piano, Violin, Guitar. Became a Registered Nurse and worked carying jobs.

Married to high school sweetheart, Barry Alton Riddle, had 3 children by him Derek Alton, Sean Nivin, & Jacqueline Marie. Traveled for Military and enjoyed it. We all loved to travel. We settled in Newburgh, IN nest to the Ohio River. I enjoyed working on my grandfather’s Novel. I hope you all enjoy reading it..

William Winchester Nivin

Was born on 12-22-1893 in Bunker Hill, IL, was an only child raised in southern Illinois. He married Clara Kelly, had three children, and later married Dewella M. Wilhelm, with whom he had a son named James Edward.

William, fascinated by war storues from his grandparents, was an avid reader and even invented the dash-key. In his free time, he started a novel about the pre-Civil War era but couldn’t finish it before his untimely death. Years later, his granddaughter found the manuscript, recognizing his desire to publish it. After years of work, she successfully prepared it for publication.

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"The sin of angels is a family saga that follows the adventures of twin brothers, Edward and John and their cousin allen. Several of the female characters including shirley and even the slave Sally play important roles as the stories unfold".
"The Novel flows at a good page with romance, adventure and issues challenging family loyalties".
"Although the story ends on a positive note the reader is left wondering about the next chapter of edward's story".